Welcome to Anami Muine Beach Resort & Spa

Welcome to Anami Muine Beach Resort & Spa

Anami Muine Beach Resort & Spa  is a tropical paradise located in one of the most beautiful coastline in the famous resort area in Muine, Binh Thuan province, Vietnam. Muine Ocean Resort & Spa Vietnam has harmonious combination of living, recreation, park, swimming pool and beach areas. Its private beach is about 80m length. It has a beautiful sunrise beach with white creamy sand.

Anami Muine Beach Resort & Spa  Phan Thiet offers three types of accommodation in bungalows and villas. All rooms have harmonious interior with elements of fusion, classic and traditional Vietnamese style. The resort is proud of its open-air bathrooms with modern equipment and private garden which provide both privacy and close to the nature.

We are upgrading our accommodations to bring the newly comfortable look travelers. For this occasion, we will have some special deals for long stay guests. Hope to see you at 3 star Anami Muine Beach Resort & Spa 

Email: sale1@muineoceanresort.com

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